Listicle Samples

Listicle Samples - Tulum, Mexico

How to Find the Outdoors as a New Yorker

On the weekends, the Washingtonian in me longs for clear skies, crisp air, and high peaks—a wish list I once thought impossible to find in the concrete jungle.

6 Fall Vacations You Can *Actually* Afford to Take

2016 has some doable fall vacations that are the things of dreams: From Singapore’s surprising greenery to Paris’s classically chic charms… And all at actually affordable prices.

8 Steps to Completely Avoiding Jetlag on Your Next International Trip

We all know the drill: months of excited anticipation, frenzied packing, fervent planning, restless flying, and then… Boom. You lay down for a short cat nap and you wake up a week later to board the plane home.

10 Reasons Why Paris is a Pedestrian’s Dream Come True

Check out ten dreamy reasons why speedwalkers love Paris and her enchanting streets so much.

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